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Recent Posts

Volunteering in South Africa – The Great White Shark


Volunteer in South Africa – Great While Shark Conservation Gansbaai, South Africa Hopeful to escape the winter in the Northern Hemisphere and wishful for an adventure, I applied for an opportunity to volunteer in South Africa. I landed in sunny and warm Cape Town and was taken the next morning to a little town about a 3 hour drive away ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – Elephants in My Backyard

Walking NomChok to the river, my favorite part of the day

Volunteer in Thailand – Elephant Village Experience Surin Province, Thailand My name is Samantha and I’m from Maryland, USA. From the moment I found GoEco and booked my trip I knew volunteering in Thailand was going to be an awesome unforgettable experience. Boy was I right! As soon as I stepped off the plane in Bangkok I was picked up ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – Sawasdee Ka!

Volunteer in Elephant Village - 5

Volunteer in Thailand – Elephant Village Experience Surin province, Thailand Hello! I recently came back from the Elephant Village Experience through GoEco. There are so many wonderful things to say about volunteering in Thailand that I honestly don’t know where to start, but here it goes! Between the airport pick-up, getting around Khao San Road in Bangkok and heading to ...

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Volunteering in Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - 8

Volunteer in Australia – Great Barrier Reef Conservation Great Barrier Reef, Australia Australia has always been somewhere that I wanted to visit. I was so excited when I found the Great Barrier Reef Conservation project through GoEco because it paired my love for the ocean with an amazing destination. After arriving in Cairns, we had a meeting the night we all ...

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Volunteering in China – Giant Pandas

Volunteer in Giant Panda Center - 5

Volunteer in China – Giant Panda Center 16 km from Ya’an City, China Volunteering in China at the Giant Panda Center was the greatest experience I have ever had. I took part in a one-week culture program and received many bright and positive impressions. Therefore, I can imagine how much emotions received the other participants who stayed for two weeks. My ...

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Volunteering in Cambodia – An Unforgettable Learning and Travel Experience

sustainable devel - 4

Volunteer in Cambodia – Sustainable Community Development Samraong, Northern Cambodia When I booked the Sustainable Community Development in Cambodia trip, I had no idea what to expect. I could not be more pleased with how my time in Cambodia played out! I found so much happiness volunteering in Cambodia. The school itself has a captivating atmosphere, with very colorful open-air classrooms, and ...

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Volunteering in Israel – My Days in the Desert

Desert Days 7

Volunteer in Israel – Desert Eco Building Tzukim 1.5 hours north of Eilat, Israel After spending almost a month road tripping through Israel, I was excited to finally see the desert and get started on my second project, Desert Eco Building, with GoEco. The location was amazing, I was able to spend a few days in Jordan and then my ...

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Volunteering in the Maldives – Life as an International Volunteer


Volunteer in the Maldives – Marine and Turtle Conservation The island of Naifaru, Northern Maldives Volunteering in the Maldives for the Marine and Turtle Conservation project was everything I could have ever imagined, but the biggest surprise to me was how much I gained from the program. Working with the turtles in itself was incredible. To watch them grow, get ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica – Life Changing from Day One

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Community Development in Rural Areas Various locations around Costa Rica Volunteering. The thing we all talk about wanting to do…but have a hard time figuring out a way to do it. Well, GoEco helped me complete this dream and it was an amazing experience all around! First off, Go Eco is really good at what ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – My Exhilarating Experience

volunteering in learn, volunteer and travel

Volunteer in Thailand – Learn, Volunteer and Travel Cape Town, South Africa Thailand, “The Land of Smiles.” This description fits perfectly from the country’s friendly people to their peaceful and enlightening culture. Conquering my fears of traveling alone abroad was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I was volunteering in Thailand for two weeks, and in this short amount of time, ...

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Volunteering in Cambodia – Unforgettable Samraong

volunteer in medical aid - 24

Volunteer in Cambodia – Medical Aid Samraong, Cambodia My experience volunteering in Cambodia began in Siem Reap with Culture Week. I met two lovely young girls right at the beginning who were to embark on this volunteer journey with me. We got to know each other really well during those first days in Siem Reap, being whisked around in our own ...

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Volunteering in Indonesia – Unforgettable Experience

Detail on the way to Ubud city centre

Volunteer in Indonesia – Education and Community Work in Bali Bali, Indonesia Volunteering in Indonesia was more than a simple experience, it was an opportunity I had to challenge myself as I have never done before. I have met some of the most interesting and passionate people on the planet and shared with them my life, my interests, my pictures and ...

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Volunteering in Australia – Wildlife Rescue

Volunteer in Wild Animal Rescue - 22

Volunteer in Australia – Wild Animal Rescue Melbourne, Australia Volunteering in Australia was an experience of a lifetime. I am not a frequent traveler, but this program made me feel welcomed immediately. I am typically a shy person, so this program allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and gave me great opportunities to grow as a person. The ...

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Volunteering in Cambodia – Greenway is the Best Way

volunteer in sustainable community development - 1

Volunteer in Cambodia – Sustainable Community Development Samraong, Northern Cambodia My experience at the Sustainable Community Development project was an absolutely unforgettable one. For some reason, upon booking I was under the impression that it wouldn’t be very hands on, I wouldn’t get attached to the kids. I thought I would go, teach and leave. In hindsight I can say I was foolish ...

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Volunteering Zimbabwe – Lions, Cheetahs and Monkeys OH MY!!!

African Wildlife Orphanage - 4

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage Bulawayo, Zimbabwe The African Wildlife Orphanage located on the outskirts of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has been running for over 40 years and is well known by the locals and people from neighboring cities for their hard work and dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife. Upon my arrival at the orphanage, I felt ...

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