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Volunteering in Italy – An expected (and incredibly great) journey

Volunteer in Italy – Ischia Dolphin and Marine Research
Ischia, Italy

My name is Eudes Lefeuvre. I’m 16 and I come from France. I’ve choose the Ischia Dolphin Project.

When I arrived on the Casamiccciola’s harbor I was anxious. I had many questions on my mind: am I ready to leave my comfort zone and to adapt myself to a life on a boat ? Will I be useful on the searches and in the sailing? Will the other crew members be welcoming and sympathetic? I was optimistic on this point and I was entirely right. The atmosphere on board was relaxed, yet at the same time alert for the searches. I maintained excellent relationships with everyone, and this relaxed atmosphere also helped me appreciate these friendships more.

During the first week, despite the lack of dolphins, we all had learned a lot of things about cetaceans and we had a lot of good experiences to tell to our families or friends. We went to some hot springs and cast anchor in a bay where we bathed.

The second week I’ve welcomed the newcomers and helped them to get familiar with the boat (and the life in Ischia in general). This week was full of amazing sightings and great moments such as the night in a tiny island of Ventotene when we went dancing. The third and last week there was no sightings (but a lot of clicks / whistles) but days were always so fascinating with their prize of feelings.

To conclude I would say that despite our bad luck in term of sightings those free weeks were nevertheless a pack of good moments and amazing friendships. I’d gladly go on this trip again! – Eudes

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about Ischia Dolphin and Marine Research!

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