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Adventure with the Turtles of Costa Rica


Central Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica - Sea turtlesOverall I found the experience volunteering in Costa Rica to be incredibly positive.  I went on GoEco’s Costa Rican Sea Turtle Conservation Project.

Most of our activities had to be done during the night, though it all depends on the season. Nesting season means a lot of work in the hatchery.  During the day we had a lot of freedom, our volunteer responsibilities were limited to keeping the beach clean and repainting the facilities.  However during the night is when the real work begun.  I was there for nesting season so part of my responsibility was walking up and down the beach about 10km – it was a lot of work! Not everyone was cut out for it, but it sure was rewarding.

Beach at Night
Sunset on the turtle beach

Sometime we even saw the female turtles in action laying their eggs.  The weather in the tropics varies a lot – we had a mix between hot sun and rain storms.  Our living conditions were pretty basic, but that’s what I had expected off in the jungle of Costa Rica.  The food however, that was awesome.

I think the best part about my experience volunteering in Costa Rica was to meet and work with great people from all over the world.  There was a high turnover so every few days someone was coming or going and I had the chance to meet tons of really cool people.  There are also a handful of small towns within walking distance from where we stayed where we were able to buy things and use the internet.

Baby turtles!

The place itself was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who loves nature, on one side you have gorgeous beaches that go on forever and on the other an expansive lush rainforest.

Viva la Costa Rica,

get involved and begin the adventure of your lifetime! To find out more about the costa rica sea turtle conservation volunteer program, click here

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