Full On! Volunteering in Zimbabwe at the African Wildlife Orphanage

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

African pythonAs part of a six month travelling adventure with my partner Josh, we spent two weeks volunteering in Zimbabwe at the African Wildlife Orphanage which is located just outside Bulawayo. This orphanage has been owned and run by the very dedicated Wilson family for more than 40 years. Our time there can best be described as exciting, interesting, fun and just plain full on! Continue reading Carly’s post

Volunteering in South Africa – A Wildlife Sanctuary Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Volunteer in South Africa – The Wildlife Sanctuary

Hartebeespoort, South Africa

MeMy name is Jens; I am 21 years old and from Germany. I volunteered at the Wildlife Sanctuary near to Johannesburg, for a period two weeks. It the first big journey I had taken on my own and besides volunteering in South Africa, I had also planned a three week trip through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana afterwards (I can only recommend this combination). I always wanted to visit the southern part of Africa and get close to animals on a deeper level than what is possible as a normal “Kruger Tourist.” I looked for an animal sanctuary near Johannesburg and found this wonderful place! Continue reading Jens’ post

Volunteering in South Africa at the Elephant and Rhino

Volunteer in South Africa – Elephant and Rhino Conservation

Durban, South Africa

Continue reading Chelsea's postMy adventure began in the middle of May; I was traveling by myself at 22 years old from the United States to volunteer in South Africa at the Elephant and Rhino Conservation project. After over thirty hours of flying I arrived in Durban, South Africa, and was met by a representative from the project. I, along with several other volunteers, was loaded into a van and made the two-hour ride to the game reserve. Continue reading Chelsea’s blog

Volunteering in South Africa at the Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park

Volunteer in South Africa – Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Continue reading Gabriella's postMy name is Gabriella and I volunteered at the Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for 5 weeks. It has always been my dream to work with lions and tigers and I finally fulfilled it.

My jaw dropped when I was taken for a tour of the park and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the magnificent animals. Continue reading Gabriella’s post

Volunteering in Kenya | Discovering the Slums of Kibera

Volunteer in Kenya – Orphanage and Teaching

Limuru, Kenya

My Orphanage and Teaching Project was located in Limuru, Kenya. I stayed at the Brackenhurst establishment and worked at a private primary school. The day at the school started at 9:00 and ended at 15:00. The day was split into three sessions, and three subjects predominated: maths, English, and Swahili. Religious studies and some others like geography were occasionally present in the timetable. It was difficult to get involved in the Swahili classes but I taught an English class and an R.S. class, and marked the books every day in maths (as the children finished they would bring them to me for marking).

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Volunteering in South Africa – Caring for Orphans in St. Lucia

Volunteer in South Africa – Orphan day care

St. Lucia, South Africa

I always wanted to help people and children around the world, to contribute in their lives, and make a difference. Volunteering in South Africa was my perfect opportunity.
I entered into the world of the Zulu Tribe. I learned their language so I could communicate with the villagers and the children in their native tongue, and I learned a bit about their customs.

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Unforgettable Memories from the Wildlife Orphanage

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – Wildlife Orphanage

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

My volunteer work at the Zimbabwe Wildlife Orphanage was phenomenal, one of those life-altering experiences that you don’t know how to begin explaining to others. But here’s my attempt: I was picked up from the airport by the owners. Coming from Finland, you can imagine the journey was long and exhausting, but I could not resist asking dozens of questions regarding my work, the animals, and volunteering in Zimbabwe in general.

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Volunteering in South Africa – Big 5 Wildlife Safari Adventure!

Volunteer in South Africa – Big 5 Wildlife Reserve

Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

For my GoEco experience, I volunteered on the Big 5 Wildlife Research and Conservation project in South Africa. For three weeks, I stayed on a private game reserve. I have never grown so much or learned as much as I did during such a concentrated period of time.


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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Monkey cuddles all round!!!


Zimbabwe, Africa

I would love to talk about my experience volunteering in Zimbabwe with the Wildlife Orphanage. I had booked for a three months placement. I was met at the airport by the lady of the family, Nicky and was housed in a cute little brick cabin by myself as requested. It had a bed and a dresser which was enough. The bathrooms were about 50 feet away.

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Volunteering in South Africa – More than I Ever Expected . . .


Limpopo Province, South Africa

Volunteering in South Africa was the single most incredible experience of my life. I got to live in the bush, surrounded by incredible, exotic animals that I had only ever seen in movies, while having the adventure of a lifetime. I am a Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Bio sciences major, so I’ve had experience with animals, but this was everything I expected and more.

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