Volunteering in Kenya | Discovering the Slums of Kibera

Volunteer in Kenya – Orphanage and Teaching

Limuru, Kenya

My Orphanage and Teaching Project was located in Limuru, Kenya. I stayed at the Brackenhurst establishment and worked at a private primary school. The day at the school started at 9:00 and ended at 15:00. The day was split into three sessions, and three subjects predominated: maths, English, and Swahili. Religious studies and some others like geography were occasionally present in the timetable. It was difficult to get involved in the Swahili classes but I taught an English class and an R.S. class, and marked the books every day in maths (as the children finished they would bring them to me for marking).

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Volunteering in Kenya at the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve


Masai Mara, Kenya

Last October 2011, I spent two weeks volunteering in Kenya in the Masai Mara Big Cat, Wildlife Research & Conservation Project. What can I say about the project? … It was amazing!! Continue reading Marion’s post…

Volunteering in Kenya – Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve

Lion and Wildlife ConservatioN Volunteer Project

Masai Mara, Kenya

As I got off the plane, I knew I wasn’t in “Kansas” anymore…My weary eyes focused on the hoards of people clamoring to get to the front of the group. Each was holding a sign indicating a passenger’s name.  I didn’t see my name. Panic began to fill my empty stomach.

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