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Africa: The Final Volunteer Frontier. This vast continent is home to a huge variety of environments, wildlife, and cultures. From the incredible coastlines to the heart of the Congo jungle to the majestic Serengeti this place is really wild. And always in need of volunteer work. We organize a ton of different programs in Africa; you can help out in a number of different wildlife reserves like a wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe. In Kenya or Zambia you can aid in community development or medical outreach. Or help fight the war against HIV/AIDS by assisting with awareness programs in South Africa. Guaranteed life-changing adventures. Read on to step into the shoes of people who have been to the experience this world for themselves.

Volunteering in South Africa – More than I Ever Expected . . .



Limpopo Province, South Africa
 Volunteering in South Africa was the single most incredible experience of my life. I got to live in the bush, surrounded by incredible, exotic animals that I had only ever seen in movies, while having the adventure of a lifetime. I am a Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Bio sciences major, ... Read More »

Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation

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Volunteer in ZIMBABWE – LION REHABILITATION AND CONSERVATION Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe As the plane touched down in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, I could not have been more excited to start my time volunteering in zimbabwe with the Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation project. I was welcomed with open arms (and paws) and quickly settled into life at the project. Read More »

Volunteering in Kenya at the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve


Volunteer in KENYA – MASAI MARA LION AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION Masai Mara, Kenya Last October 2011, I spent two weeks volunteering in Kenya in the Masai Mara Big Cat, Wildlife Research & Conservation Project. What can I say about the project? … It was amazing!! Read More »

Volunteering in South Africa for Great White Shark Conservation

Volunteer in South Africa: Great White Shark Conservation Gansbaai, South Africa My adventure volunteering in South Africa at the Great White Shark Conservation project was a fantastic experience.  Being able to see these beautiful creatures “up close” was very exciting! Read More »

Volunteering in Africa for Big Cat, Elephant, and Rhino Conservation

Volunteering in Africa for Big Cat, Elephant and Rhino Conservation Zululand, South Africa Volunteering in Africa at the Big Cat, Elephant, and Rhino Conservation project was a thrilling opportunity. In March 2012, I spent two weeks working on the project. Each volunteer is able to select which project they want to be involved with. Read More »

My Experience Volunteering in Zimbabwe at the Wildlife Orphanage

GoEco volunteer's story about Zimbabwe

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife OrphanagE Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Going to africa was a lifelong dream of mine.  The experience was worth all the long flights and excruciatingly painful layovers in the world.  Upon arrival at my destination, I was greeted by 2 lion cubs at the orphanage.  There was a 5 month old male & a 20 month old ... Read More »

Volunteering in South Africa at the Teach and Surf Program in Cape Town

Volunteer in South Africa – Teach AND SURF in Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa During my life I have visited some wonderful places where I have met a lot of amazing people. Each time I left I felt sad. But I have never felt as upset as I felt leaving Cape Town, the city where I spent the 16 best ... Read More »

Weekly Update – 02.22.12: Volunteer in Cape Town at the Surf and Teach Program

VOLUNTEER IN South Africa – Surf and Teach Children in Cape TOWN Upper Galilee, Israel Every country in the world displays some diversity, but South Africa, from the hippos in Limpopo to the penguins on the Cape, is a world in and of itself. It befits its position at the southern tip of the planet’s most epic continent, with more ... Read More »

Volunteering in South Africa at the Monkey & Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Monkey & Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Limpopo, South Africa “Hugging a Baboon” Don’t be mistaken, he is hugging you, not “you are hugging him.” And indeed it’s a HE or a SHE, who hugs you… Well, the truth is, that it is mutual. When one of them hugs you, you know and you feel that it’s because he wants your touch, ... Read More »

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