A Journey of Self-Growth – Volunteering in Australia

Volunteer in Australia – Australian Conservation Experience

Throughout Australia

DominiqueI arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night, ready to start my Australian Conservation volunteering project with the GoEco on Friday morning. When I arrived at the office, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the project did not start until Monday and that I was free to explore Melbourne during the day. Continue reading Dominique’s blog post

Volunteering in South Africa – A Wildlife Sanctuary Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Volunteer in South Africa – The Wildlife Sanctuary

Hartebeespoort, South Africa

MeMy name is Jens; I am 21 years old and from Germany. I volunteered at the Wildlife Sanctuary near to Johannesburg, for a period two weeks. It the first big journey I had taken on my own and besides volunteering in South Africa, I had also planned a three week trip through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana afterwards (I can only recommend this combination). I always wanted to visit the southern part of Africa and get close to animals on a deeper level than what is possible as a normal “Kruger Tourist.” I looked for an animal sanctuary near Johannesburg and found this wonderful place! Continue reading Jens’ post

Volunteering in South Africa at the Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park

Volunteer in South Africa – Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Continue reading Gabriella's postMy name is Gabriella and I volunteered at the Tiger, Lion, and Wildlife Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for 5 weeks. It has always been my dream to work with lions and tigers and I finally fulfilled it.

My jaw dropped when I was taken for a tour of the park and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the magnificent animals. Continue reading Gabriella’s post

Volunteering in Costa Rica at the Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Volunteer in Costa Rica at the Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

Continue reading Lior's postIt was almost a year ago that I started to plan my big trip. I knew that I wanted to go to an exotic location that would be full of wildlife and culture. After hearing stories and seeing pictures from friends who had traveled the world, I decided that Central America offered everything I was looking for…and a lot more! Continue reading Lior’s post

VOLUNTEERING in SPAIN – Conservation Adventure in Valencia!


Valencia, Spain

This previous summer (Summer 2012) I traveled with GoEco to Valencia, to take part in a series of conservation projects around the Valencia Region. I can summarize my experience in exactly one word, AMAZING! From the beginning, GO-ECO helped me find a suitable program and made the entire process so much easier.


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Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Sea turtle conservation

Pacific and Caribbean Coasts, Costa Rica

“There’s a snake!”
“On the road! Wanna take a picture?”
My driver stops by the side of the road, as I pull out my camera.
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My Experience Volunteering in Eilat with GoEco

Volunteer in Israel – Coral reef conservation program

Eilat, Israel

When I first signed up with GoEco to volunteer at Israel’s Coral Reef in Eilat, I didn’t know what to expect. And, to tell you the truth I was kind of nervous. I asked myself questions like: What will I be doing? Continue reading Ezra’s post…

Volunteering Abroad: from Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica to a Wildlife Reserve in Africa!

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Sea turtle Conservation

Various locations, Costa Rica

GoEco in Costa RicaMy name is Bailey and I am the winner of the 2012 New Years Resolution Grant! I first volunteered with GoEco in the summer of 2011 when I took my first trip abroad alone to Costa Rica.

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Volunteering in Bolivia at the Wildlife Conservation Zoo

Volunteer in Bolivia – Wildlife Conservation zoo

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Arriving in Santa Cruz was quite overwhelming, I had just flown thousands of miles away from home to another continent completely solo. That didn’t last long as I was warmly welcomed into the home of my host family, who were absolutely awesome! Continue reading Kaitlin’s post…

Volunteering in Israel at the Coral Reef Reserve

Volunteer in Israel – Coral reef conservation program

Eilat, Israel

Coral reef in Red SeaThere was not even one tiny instant that I regretted my spontaneous decision to take part in this project at the Coral Reef Reserve. From the very first day I liked the stuff, the work, the accommodation, the possibilities to spend my leisure time and in the end I just loved it.

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