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Volunteering in Croatia – Dolphins, Snorkeling, and Swimming

volunteer in bottlenose dolphin conservation-4

Volunteer in Croatia – Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation Zambratija near Umag, Croatia In the first few weeks of May this year, I chose to volunteer in Croatia for Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation. Upon arriving and meeting the project leader, Darja, I learned that the goal of the organization was to collect data on each dolphins whereabouts and how many there are in that area. ...

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Volunteering in Croatia – Dolphins in the Mediterranean!

The photos of the dolphins are taken from the boat

Volunteer in Croatia – Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation in the Mediterranean Funtana, Croatia Hi! My name is Linn and I volunteered in Croatia researching the Bottlenose Dolphins! Being a part of the Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation program was a wonderful experience for me. Dolphins are fascinating animals who are both intelligent and beautiful. It was a great feeling to know that you are ...

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