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Volunteering in Nepal – Expecting the Unexpected

A GoEco volunteer forming connections with a Nepali woman

Volunteer in Nepal – Empowering Women in Kathmandu Chuchepati, Kathmandu, Nepal The most common advice given to anyone traveling far from their usual neck of the woods, is to “expect the unexpected.” As an American college student who has not explored much beyond the Western world, I knew I was in for a huge culture shock. As I packed my ...

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Volunteering in Nepal – Monks Playing Soccer

volunteer in monasteries - 5

Volunteer in Nepal – Teaching in Buddhist Monasteries Various Locations in Nepal My one month and one week volunteering in Nepal began November 15th, at Tribhuvan Airport, Kathmandu. After landing, disembarking, completing my visa application, payment, and exchanging some money, I exited the airport. As soon as I had exited the doors, I was asked by maybe ten different drivers if I needed ...

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Volunteering in Nepal – A Journey of Self Discovery and Nepalese Adventures


Volunteer in NEPAL – TEACHING IN BUDDHIST MONESTARIES Kathmandu, Nepal After an entire month in Nepal… I feel I could have stayed so much longer. I arrived to the Teaching in Buddhist Monasteries project already a bit homesick as I had already been in India for five months, doing a semester abroad. I saw the opportunity with GoEco in Nepal about midway ...

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