Volunteering in Thailand – Elephant Dreams


Chiang Mae, Thailand

Flash back – I’m feeding bananas to two baby elephants at the same time. This picture highlights the most memorable event of my time with these special creations. We are in the forest in northern Thailand and I am with several volunteers and staff to help with the feeding. Usually the elephants would forage on bamboo and other vegetation; however it is treat day which is much appreciated by elephants and humans alike.

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Volunteering in Thailand – My eye opening cultural experience!


Sing Buri, Thailand

I decided to take part in volunteer tourism because I really wanted to experience another culture but at the same time I also wanted to help out those that needed it. GoEco was absolutely amazing in helping me find some volunteer work in Thailand and so I set forth on my Sing Buri Orphanage adventure.

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Volunteer in an orphanage in Thailand with the Learn, Volunteer & Travel program

Volunteer in Thailand – Learn, Volunteer & Travel

Asia, Thailand

When I first got to the Thailand orphanage volunteer program, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had never been on an airplane by myself, nonetheless been that far away from home. Continue reading Jessica’s post…

My Experience Volunteering in Thailand with the Akha Hilltribe

Volunteer in Thailand – Akha Hilltribe Aid and Experience

Chiang Rai, Thailand

It was an experience in it of itself – living in a bamboo hut in the forest, working with the Akha people – it was awe-inspiring. The Akha village I volunteered at in Thailand is a unique place where people live by their own two hands, all the while full of love and joy.  Continue reading Tamar’s post…

Volunteering in Thailand – Flood Relief and TEFL Paid Teaching

Volunteering in Thailand – TEFL Paid Teaching and Flood Relief

Singburi, Thailand

Volunteering in Thailand with ChildrenI arrived three weeks ago now to follow the TEFL paid teaching program. But regarding the current situation I have also been involved in giving a hand to the local communities suffering from the floods in Singburi area. During the introduction week our help has been requested to supply people with foods and water.

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Singburi is a place that conquers you…

Volunteer in Thailand – Learn, Teach, and Travel

Singburi, Thailand

We left to Singburi after nearly a week in busy, noisy, and tiresome Bangkok.

The bus ride was long and frustrating, but once we got off we saw a familiar face. I recognized her from pictures on GoEco’s website and cheered up immediately. The organization came to give us food and rest before tonight’s reception. Continue reading Liran’s post…