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Great Times Volunteering with Animals

wildlife reserve volunteer project

Hai Bar Reserve, Israel

The whole GoEco experience has been a real success for me.  I went to Hai Bar, Israel, for one month, to work in a reserve of wild animals. I did not know precisely what to expect from the reserve (I have never worked with animals in the past and my studies have nothing to do with that), but I have not been disappointed!

The reserve is divided into two parts : a sort of zoo where animals are kept in cages on the one hand, and a safari where donkeys, ostriches and oryxes live freely in a huge field.
In the zoo part, I got the chance to work many times in the dark room where I went into the cages of bats, mice and owls ! I also went a couple of times in the predators’cages, to feed and clean the cages of foxes, caracals, leopards, hyeanas… I did not expect the wolves to be so friendly !! I even could stroke one of them, Malka!

An experience that I will definitely remember is the one I lived in the parrots’ cage: one of them came on me and waited for food!

All of this is not to mention the amazing people I’ve met (people working in the reserve and other volunteers). We visited the country (Ein Gedi, Masada, Eilat) and shared many great times!

During the past month, I have lived the unexpected, and I enjoyed it as much as I could!

If you enjoyed delphine’s story and want to find out more about the hai bar wildlife reserve volunteer program, click here to visit the website

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