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Volunteering in Italy – International Hospitality Experience

Volunteer in Italy – Rome Hostel Experience

Rome, Italy

Thanks to GoEco I had the chance to spend eight amazing weeks volunteering at an international hostel in Rome. When I first arrived at the hostel I was introduced to the staff. I had no idea they would become my close friends after just a few short days. It’s fair to say that I had plenty of expectations about what the hostel would be like but the reality far surpassed my imagination.There is nothing basic about this place. The hostel is well-known for being a place to party and the fun is all around you thanks to the bar and a live DJ every night.

New friends from my GoEco volunteer project
Some friends from the hostel

During the mornings I would have breakfast with the hostel guests in order to get to know them and hear about how their trips were going. It was important for me to gather feedback so that we could make sure everything was going smoothly. I also acted as a concierge and gave the guest plenty of information about Rome. It’s important for every tourist to know where to get the best pizza and how to navigate the city to find all of the tourist attractions.

Sometimes our guests would even stumble upon places that I had never heard of so learning about new restaurants and bars was great. Plus, our guests always had funny stories to share about their travels. I took all of this information and added it to the hostel’s blog so everyone could read about the daily happenings.

The other part of my job was to work with the hostel’s event manager and organize the events for each evening. We hosted karaoke nights, dance contests, beer pong tournaments and photo hunts. I also got to arrange special events for holidays including the Halloween horror movie night and Thanksgiving formal.

GoEco volunteers host a 1970's themed party
Groovy…our 70’s themed hostel party

The most unique thing about the hostel is that it allows singers, dancers and musicians to stay for free in exchange for performing in the evenings. I loved being able to meet all of these talented individuals and help them plan their performances. When people have fun and it’s because of you, it’s very rewarding!

Part of my GoEco volunteer responsibilities was to help set the stage for musicians
One of the musicians that stayed at the hostel

Even though my work was fun and exciting, I also looked forward to my free time in the afternoons. Rome is such a gorgeous city that there was something beautiful to discover around every corner. The ancient Roman ruins such as the Colosseum, the Castel Sant’Angelo and the Forum are spectacular.

The Colosseum is an extraordinary site
The Colosseum-so old and so beautiful

The Vatican and the Trevi Fountain were also spectacular tourist spots. However, my two favorite places were the Piazza Navona, which is for me the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and the Pantheon.

One of the most famous sites in Rome is the Vatican
The Vatican
This is one of Rom's most famous fountains
One of Rome’s mos beautiful fountains

In Rome, the food is out of this world! Of course I’ve had pizza and pasta before but it never tasted this good. My favorite dish became spaghetti carbonara. Molto bene!
If you are looking to spice up your life, I definitely recommended taking part in the hospitality internship in Rome. I met awesome people (and weird ones too), learned the beautiful Italian language (well, at least I understand a bit), and partied every day and night. I can say that volunteering in Rome has definitely changed me and it wouldn’t have been possible without GoEco. Grazie mille!

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