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VOLUNTEERING IN ISRAEL | Hostel Adventure in Central Jerusalem

Volunteer in Israel – Ecotourism in Central Jerusalem Jerusalem, ISRAEL I was a participant in the GoEco Ecotourism in Central Jerusalem program,  fall of 2012. I chose the program because I had attended a study trip and decided to extend it, so I needed something rewarding to do with my time in Israel. Although the placement is in a fairly new ...

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Volunteering in Spain – Amazing Hostel Experience


Volunteer in Spain – Eco-Friendly Hospitality Internship Barcelona, Spain I had the most phenomenal summer volunteering in Spain at the Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona! The staff were amazing, the program was fabulous, and the city is unbeatable! I can’t recommend it enough… Definitely check it out! I had three main duties at the hostel and I rotated through them, ...

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Volunteering in Spain – Conservation Adventure in Valencia!


Volunteer in Spain – Conservation in the Valencia Region Valencia, Spain This previous summer (Summer 2012) I traveled with GoEco to Valencia, to take part in a series of conservation projects around the Valencia Region. I can summarize my experience in exactly one word, AMAZING! From the beginning, GO-ECO helped me find a suitable program and made the entire process so ...

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VOLUNTEERING in ISRAEL – Eco-tourism Development in Nazareth

Volunteer in ISRAEL – ECO-TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN NAZARETH Nazareth, Israel Hallo volunteers (both current and wannabes)! I’m a 26 year old guy from Lithuania, currently living and studying in Aberdeen, Scotland. This Summer I experienced the most wonderful travel adventure, I can safely say it was the best time of my life. Fed up with Scottish weather and the workload ...

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How Volunteering Changed My Life

sam green

So you’re thinking about volunteering… Volunteering with GoEco This post goes out to anyone who is on the fence about volunteering internationally with GoEco. Before you make your final decision you should consider all aspects and possible effects of the trip. I say this because I learned it the hard way and did not prepare myself for how completely life ...

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Volunteer in South Africa – Penguin Conservation in Port Elizabeth

Volunteer in SOUTH AFRICA – PENGUIN CONSERVATION IN PORT ELIZABETH Port Elizabeth, South Africa Recently, I spent my block leave in Port Elizabeth volunteering at the Penguin Conservation Program. Before i started my assignment, I learnt that there was a recent admission of about 20 wildlife penguins adults and chicks that were found stranded at a nearby beach- all covered in ...

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation


Volunteer in Zimbabwe – Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe As the plane touched down in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, I could not have been more excited to start my time volunteering in Zimbabwe with the Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation project. I was welcomed with open arms (and paws) and quickly settled into life at the project. Starting every morning with ...

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Volunteer in China at the Giant Panda Center

DSC08606 sm

volunteer in CHINA – GIANT PANDA CENTER Ya’an City, CHINA My experience with GoEco was quite amazing. It had been my dream to hold a panda bear. I explored my options for such an opportunity and came across volunteering in China. GoEco made the whole process extremely easy and worked with me on finding a volunteer placement for a week ...

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Volunteer in an orphanage in Thailand with the Learn, Volunteer & Travel program


Volunteer in Thailand – Learn, Volunteer & Travel Asia, Thailand When I first got to the Thailand orphanage volunteer program, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had never been on an airplane by myself, nonetheless been that far away from home.

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Volunteering in Africa for Big Cat, Elephant, and Rhino Conservation

Volunteering in Africa for Big Cat, Elephant and Rhino Conservation Zululand, South Africa Volunteering in Africa at the Big Cat, Elephant, and Rhino Conservation project was a thrilling opportunity. In March 2012, I spent two weeks working on the project. Each volunteer is able to select which project they want to be involved with.

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Summer Internships in Top 10 Beach Cities


New International internships from GoEco Barcelona, Spain and Tel Aviv, Israel We’re excited to present you with two new internship projects this month that are located in two of the hottest cities on the Mediterranean Sea! Both ranking in the Top 10 Beach Cities of the World by National Geographic, Barcelona and Tel Aviv have everything you could want from a summer ...

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Wildlife Orphanage


Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Going to africa was a lifelong dream of mine.  The experience was worth all the long flights and excruciatingly painful layovers in the world.  Upon arrival at my destination, I was greeted by 2 lion cubs at the orphanage.  There was a 5 month old male & a 20 month old ...

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My Experience Volunteering in Eilat with GoEco

Volunteer in Israel – Coral reef conservation program Eilat, Israel When I first signed up with GoEco to volunteer at Israel’s Coral Reef in Eilat, I didn’t know what to expect. And, to tell you the truth I was kind of nervous. I asked myself questions like: What will I be doing?

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Weekly Update – 02.22.12: Volunteer in Cape Town at the Surf and Teach Program

VOLUNTEER IN South Africa – Surf and Teach Children in Cape TOWN Upper Galilee, Israel Every country in the world displays some diversity, but South Africa, from the hippos in Limpopo to the penguins on the Cape, is a world in and of itself. It befits its position at the southern tip of the planet’s most epic continent, with more ...

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Volunteering in Israel at a Multicultural Summer Camp

kids at a summer cap in israel

Volunteer in Israel – Multicultural eco summer camps Upper Galilee, Israel The experience was unforgettable and unfathomably precious. The feel of a whole new country, of various religions, of various backgrounds, of whole new climates and landscapes– the variety of it all and the feeling of it all is so distinct and alive in my mind and heart and I ...

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