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Volunteering in South Africa – Friends for Life


Volunteer in South Africa – Wildlife Sanctuary Hartebeespoort, South Africa I booked this project with minimal time to prepare.  I honestly did hardly any research, I just wanted to get away from reality so obviously I had no idea what to expect. My main worry was the people I met wouldn’t be my type of people; I couldn’t have been ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – Teaching Kids to Surf

Surf & Adventure Program: Catching waves at Big Bay.

Volunteer in South Africa – Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa It was a great experience volunteering in South Africa with kids from the townships and settlements of Cape Town. In the mornings I got assigned to the baby room at “Sarah’s Crêche” (they call the kindergarten Crêches), but every day was different. In the afternoons ...

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Volunteering in Israel – Packing Food for the Needy


Volunteer in Israel – Social Food Program in Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel I wanted to find a project where I could help people in need an directly impact their lives. Luckily, I found one – the Social-Food Program in Tel Aviv with GoEco. This program packages basic food for people who cannot afford food for themselves and/or their family. In the ...

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Volunteering in Greece – Looking for Turtles

Selfie at the beach

Volunteer in Greece – Under 18 Sea Turtle Conservation Giannitsochori, Greece As soon as you get to the airport, there is someone from the organization waiting for you and ready to help you out. It’s a four hours bus ride from the airport to the campsite, but it’s a great time to get to know the rest of the volunteers ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – Flexibility and Creativity


Volunteer in Thailand – Koh Samui Beach and Build Koh Samui, Thailand GoEco’s partnership with the organization in Koh Samui should be considered as a great success. My trip began with a wonderful day of sightseeing in Bangkok – with lots of different impressions and first insights into the Thai culture. This day was topped with a great night out exploring the ...

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Volunteering in Indonesia – All About Coconut

Semi-wild orangutan in Bukit Lawang

Volunteer in Indonesia – Orangutan Conservation Expedition Sumatra, Indonesia My time volunteering at the Orangutan Conservation Expendition was simply amazing! I was picked up Monday morning at the airport by one of the project assistant. We got to Coconut, where the project is based, by mid afternoon.   We got a short orientation session and got the rest of the ...

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Volunteering in Israel – New Experiences After Retirement

Jerusalem Orientation

Volunteer in Israel – Guiding People with Special Needs Tel Aviv, Israel Greetings from Israel! My volunteering in Tel Aviv was a marvelous experience! I retired this summer, but didn´t feel old and tired! I wanted to travel around, meet new people and do something momentous – so what would be better than volunteering! I’ve always had two important values – a ...

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – The Most Amazing People


Volunteer in Zimbabwe – Orphanage and Teaching in Victoria Falls Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe It is hard to put into words how fantastic of a time I had working on the Orphanage and Teaching project in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The moment I walked into the volunteer house I was greeted with joy and smiles from the staff and the other volunteers; ...

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Volunteering in Ghana – Teaching Kids How to Tell Time

The children for the most part were very eager to learn from the volunteers

Volunteer in Ghana – Coastal Community Aid Ada Foah, Ghana Having been back in the UK for a week I am already missing Ghana so much that I am looking at flights to see when I can go back! I left for Ghana shortly after the conclusion of my first year at university travelling from Newcastle to London then flying ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica – Medical Social Worker

Laboratory testing.

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Social Work Internships San Jose, Costa Rica Overall, my internship experience was challenging, productive, and very fulfilling. I spent a total of 600 hours at my Social Work Internship, where the majority of my time was spent in the Consultorio (health clinic) conducting interviews that focused on the social determinants of health among the patients ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – Mother and Daughter Bonding


Volunteer in South Africa – African Wildlife Ranch Western Cape, South Africa As a parent of a teenaged girl, I was very concerned when she came to me and said she wanted to volunteer in Africa. I told her NO there is Ebola and it is dangerous there. I thought that would be the end of that, but a couple of weeks ...

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Volunteering in Israel – A Three-Part Experience

White oryx after the feedind time in the safari

Volunteer in Israel – Desert Wildlife Program Arava, Israel How to describe my experience in Israel at the Desert Wildlife Program…hmmm. No day is the same in the desert. Every day for three weeks I had a different experience. The staff was very involved in the reserve. Each ranger would try to teach you something, to help you and take you ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – Elephants in the Village!

An elephant was staring at a sugar cane which Jannie hold while we were taking a picture.

Volunteer in Thailand – Elephant Village Experience Surin Province, Thailand I’ve never been so close to those amazingly gigantic creatures, so close that I could feel their snuffling. Elephant trunks are like huge pipes, but more flexible and powerful. Muscles in their trunks make it easier for them to twirl and tear the leaves on the banana trees at once ...

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Volunteering in Indonesia – The Meaning of Family


Volunteer in Indonesia – Bali Sea Turtle Rescue Bali, Indonesia I traveled to Southeast Asia for the first time in my life to volunteer with sea turtles. This experience volunteering in Indonesia was an adventure from the moment I stepped off the plane. We arrived in Bali to find a driver with my name and my mother’s name on his sign, ...

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Volunteering in Vietnam – Real Hospital Experience

In the surgery room watching the surgeons placing an internal fixation into the patient's arm.

Volunteer in Vietnam – Medical Placement in Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Hi, my name is Jessica and I am presently in my second year of med school in Canada. Since I love travelling and discovering new environments and cultures, I was totally excited when I heard about GoEco’s Medical Placement in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I knew this ...

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