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Volunteering in South Africa – Living in a Wildlife Sanctuary!

Volunteer in South Africa – Wildlife Sanctuary Johannesburg, South Africa I didn’t know it was possible to be excited after over 24 hours of flying and airports – that’s because I didn’t know Africa.

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Volunteering in Israel – Living with Desert Wildlife!

Volunteer in ISRAEL – DESERT WILDLIFE PROJECT Arava Desert, Israel I just graduated from an Ecology degree and got some time off, so I decided to spend my time volunteering in Israel at the Desert Wildlife Program. I have worked in a tropical Nature Reserve before and it would be interesting to learn about the desert wildlife through this opportunity.

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Monkey Cuddles All Around!!!


Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage Zimbabwe, Africa I would love to talk about my experience volunteering in Zimbabwe with the Wildlife Orphanage. I had booked for a three months placement. I was met at the airport by the lady of the family, Nicky and was housed in a cute little brick cabin by myself as requested. It had ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – More than I Ever Expected . . .



Limpopo Province, South Africa
 Volunteering in South Africa was the single most incredible experience of my life. I got to live in the bush, surrounded by incredible, exotic animals that I had only ever seen in movies, while having the adventure of a lifetime. I am a Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Bio sciences major, ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica – Discovering Secret Beaches While Saving Sea Turtles


Volunteer in COSTA RICA – SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION Costa Rica I left a little piece of my heart in Camaronal beach. When I first arrived at the Sea Turtle Conservation program, it was in the back of a pick-up truck. Camaronal was located in the middle of nowhere it seemed. The air was hot, humid, and there was a slight ...

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Volunteering in South Africa | Shark Alert!


Gansbaai, South Africa
 Volunteering with GoEco has been an unforgettable experience. I knew I wanted to do the Great White Shark Conservation project as soon as I read the description online a year ago. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical seeing as how I found it online and had never ...

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Volunteering in Israel – My Desert Adventure

Volunteer in ISRAEL – DESERT ECO BUILDING Arava Desert, Israel I spent a month volunteering in Israel at the Desert Eco Building program. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I did the program with four of my friends, which worked out nicely because not only was it our first trip together, but also being there together ...

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Volunteering in China – Mother and Daughter Adventure!


Volunteer in China – Giant Panda Center China My mother and I just came back from volunteering in China at the Giant Panda Center. There were not enough hours in the day to feel like we got enough time with the amazing creatures. We went to bed thinking how we just can’t wait until we wake up the next day.

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Volunteering in Thailand – My eye opening cultural experience!


Volunteer in THAILAND – LEARN, VOLUNTEER, AND TRAVEL Sing Buri, Thailand I decided to take part in volunteer tourism because I really wanted to experience another culture but at the same time I also wanted to help out those that needed it. GoEco was absolutely amazing in helping me find some volunteer work in Thailand and so I set forth ...

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Volunteering in Nepal – A Journey of Self Discovery and Nepalese Adventures


Volunteer in NEPAL – TEACHING IN BUDDHIST MONESTARIES Kathmandu, Nepal After an entire month in Nepal… I feel I could have stayed so much longer. I arrived to the Teaching in Buddhist Monasteries project already a bit homesick as I had already been in India for five months, doing a semester abroad. I saw the opportunity with GoEco in Nepal about midway ...

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VOLUNTEERING IN ISRAEL | Hostel Adventure in Central Jerusalem

Volunteer in Israel – Ecotourism in Central Jerusalem Jerusalem, ISRAEL I was a participant in the GoEco Ecotourism in Central Jerusalem program,  fall of 2012. I chose the program because I had attended a study trip and decided to extend it, so I needed something rewarding to do with my time in Israel. Although the placement is in a fairly new ...

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Volunteering in Spain – Amazing Hostel Experience


Volunteer in Spain – Eco-Friendly Hospitality Internship Barcelona, Spain I had the most phenomenal summer volunteering in Spain at the Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona! The staff were amazing, the program was fabulous, and the city is unbeatable! I can’t recommend it enough… Definitely check it out! I had three main duties at the hostel and I rotated through them, ...

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Volunteering in Spain – Conservation Adventure in Valencia!


Volunteer in Spain – Conservation in the Valencia Region Valencia, Spain This previous summer (Summer 2012) I traveled with GoEco to Valencia, to take part in a series of conservation projects around the Valencia Region. I can summarize my experience in exactly one word, AMAZING! From the beginning, GO-ECO helped me find a suitable program and made the entire process so ...

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VOLUNTEERING in COSTA RICA – Animal Rescue and Conservation


Volunteer in Costa Rica – Animal Rescue and Conservation San Carlos, Costa Rica Dear Volunteer… You have made an exciting decision to give your time and effort to an organization that can desperately use your help, congratulations! The world needs more people like you. Now you are likely looking for a project that is a good fit for you. Maybe my ...

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VOLUNTEERING in ISRAEL – Eco-tourism Development in Nazareth

Volunteer in ISRAEL – ECO-TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN NAZARETH Nazareth, Israel Hallo volunteers (both current and wannabes)! I’m a 26 year old guy from Lithuania, currently living and studying in Aberdeen, Scotland. This Summer I experienced the most wonderful travel adventure, I can safely say it was the best time of my life. Fed up with Scottish weather and the workload ...

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