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Volunteering in Israel at the Umm el Fahem Art Gallery

Volunteer in Israel – Umm el fAhem Art Gallery Umm el Fahem, Israel I am writing from Umm el Fahem, Israel, near the border with the West Bank. I am here spending six weeks volunteering at the Umm el Fahem Gallery of Art. So far, it has been an enlightening and delightful experience.

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Volunteering in Israel at the Coral Reef Reserve

Volunteer in Israel – Coral reef conservation program Eilat, Israel There was not even one tiny instant that I regretted my spontaneous decision to take part in this project at the Coral Reef Reserve. From the very first day I liked the stuff, the work, the accommodation, the possibilities to spend my leisure time and in the end I just ...

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Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth, a GoEco Volunteer Project, Wins Prestigious Award!

Volunteer in israel – Eco-tourism development in Nazareth Nazareth, Israel The Fauzi Azar Inn is a 200-year-old Arab mansion turned guest house and is responsible for creating a unique eco-tourism initiative in the Arab city of Nazareth. Nazareth is a magical city in the northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee. The city provides an unforgettable experience consisting of many ...

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Volunteering in South Africa at the Monkey & Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Monkey & Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Limpopo, South Africa “Hugging a Baboon” Don’t be mistaken, he is hugging you, not “you are hugging him.” And indeed it’s a HE or a SHE, who hugs you… Well, the truth is, that it is mutual. When one of them hugs you, you know and you feel that it’s because he wants your touch, ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – Flood Relief and TEFL Paid Teaching


Volunteering in Thailand – TEFL Paid Teaching and Flood Relief Singburi, Thailand I arrived three weeks ago now to follow the TEFL paid teaching program. But regarding the current situation I have also been involved in giving a hand to the local communities suffering from the floods in Singburi area. During the introduction week our help has been requested to ...

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Receive up to $300 off our new Teach and Surf Volunteer Project!

Register now to our new volunteer project, Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town, for your chance to receive up to $300 in grants!

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Volunteering in Kenya – Wildlife Reserve


Volunteer in Kenya – Lion and Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project Masai Mara, Kenya As I got off the plane, I knew I wasn’t in “Kansas” anymore…My weary eyes focused on the hoards of people clamoring to get to the front of the group. Each was holding a sign indicating a passenger’s name.  I didn’t see my name. Panic began to ...

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Volunteering in Israel: The Wildlife Reserve

Crazy eyes

Desert Wildlife reserve Program Negev Desert, Israel Exotic Life in the Middle of the Desert Who hasn’t wanted to take some time off from life’s routine and escape to a new and different place, free of stress and filled with new experiences; to find a break from the monotony of everyday life.

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Volunteering in Israel at the Sagol Ecological Village

Volunteer at the Sagol Ecological Village Kfar Sagol, Israel From the moment I arrived at Kfar Sagol I felt at home. The amazing family who envisioned this eco-village and invested themselves in it’s creation provide a comfortable, healing and welcoming community. Each volunteer, from Israel or from around the world, becomes a part of the community here. Kfar Sagol radiates ...

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Volunteering with Lions in Zimbabwe

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – Lion Rehabilitation and Conservation Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Victoria Falls is an amazing town! People are smiling and friendly, wild animals wander freely in, the residence was beautiful, and the volunteers were awesome! Work with the lions is enjoyable, rewarding, and not too difficult.  In addition to volunteering with lions the volunteers also participate in education and ...

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Volunteering in China: Panda Bear Center

_MG_6144 sm

Volunteer in China – Giant Panda Center Chengdu, China The GoEco panda volunteer project is located in a nature reserve between wild forests and waterfalls – the landscape is astonishing and wild. The reserve is divided into several areas: the residential village (close to everything), the panda breeding center (where I worked) the research center, visitors center, cubs care center, ...

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Singburi is a place that conquers you…


Volunteer in Thailand – Learn, Teach, and Travel Singburi, Thailand We left to Singburi after nearly a week in busy, noisy, and tiresome Bangkok. The bus ride was long and frustrating, but once we got off we saw a familiar face. I recognized her from pictures on GoEco’s website and cheered up immediately. The organization came to give us food and ...

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Bridging the Cultural Gap in Israel at a Summer Camp

Multicultural Eco Summer Camp Maghar, Israel It was the best volunteer project I have ever participated in. Before the project started, I was impressed by the smooth communication with GoEco and the amount of information I got as I was not used to it.

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Working at a Wildlife Rehab Center in South Africa

South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Limpopo Province, South Africa In the wildlife rehabilitation center there are a ton of different animals.  Most were injured in the wild as a result of human activity so we bring them back here to have a safe home for rehabilitation. Most of them are destined to be re-released into their natural habitats. We host a variety of ...

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Expedition Deep Into the Amazon Rainforest…

vOLUNTEER AT AN eco-lODGE IN THE aMAZON rAINFOREST Colombia and Brazil GoEco describes the project with ‘as far away from society as possible’, which is precisely what Heliconia is – a very, very remote location in the middle of the jungle somewhere between Colombia and Brazil. I enjoyed it tremendously, since in my ‘normal’ life I’m quite involved… The Amazon Rainforest ...

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