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Volunteering in Israel at the Sagol Ecological Village

Volunteer at the Sagol Ecological Village Kfar Sagol, Israel From the moment I arrived at Kfar Sagol I felt at home. The amazing family who envisioned this eco-village and invested themselves in it’s creation provide a comfortable, healing and welcoming community. Each volunteer, from Israel or from around the world, becomes a part of the community here. Kfar Sagol radiates ...

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Volunteering in China: Panda Bear Center

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Volunteer in China – Giant Panda Center Chengdu, China The GoEco panda volunteer project is located in a nature reserve between wild forests and waterfalls – the landscape is astonishing and wild. The reserve is divided into several areas: the residential village (close to everything), the panda breeding center (where I worked) the research center, visitors center, cubs care center, ...

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Bridging the Cultural Gap in Israel at a Summer Camp

Multicultural Eco Summer Camp Maghar, Israel It was the best volunteer project I have ever participated in. Before the project started, I was impressed by the smooth communication with GoEco and the amount of information I got as I was not used to it.

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Expedition Deep Into the Amazon Rainforest…

vOLUNTEER AT AN eco-lODGE IN THE aMAZON rAINFOREST Colombia and Brazil GoEco describes the project with ‘as far away from society as possible’, which is precisely what Heliconia is – a very, very remote location in the middle of the jungle somewhere between Colombia and Brazil. I enjoyed it tremendously, since in my ‘normal’ life I’m quite involved… The Amazon Rainforest ...

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Volunteering in Kenya – Monkeys!


Volunteering in Kenya – Wildlife Conservation Project Kwale, Kenya Just a bit from what we are doing here… We’re taking care of two monkey babies that were found next to their mothers that were killed by electric lines going through the jungle. The babies are three weeks old and really cute. We also take care of the grown monkeys that ...

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Adventure with the Turtles of Costa Rica

COSTA RICA SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION PROJECT Central Pacific Coast, Costa Rica Overall I found the experience volunteering in Costa Rica to be incredibly positive.  I went on GoEco’s Costa Rican Sea Turtle Conservation Project. Most of our activities had to be done during the night, though it all depends on the season. Nesting season means a lot of work in the ...

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Journey into the African Wilderness

Wildlife Sanctuary volunteer project Namibia, Africa Today it begins… The journey to the experience I’ve been waiting for months. The black asphalt divided into two by white stripes leads the way for us.  The flat road cuts like a black scar through the vast yellow surroundings. Inside the van ten people sit from all over the world.  The United States, ...

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Great Times Volunteering with Animals

wildlife reserve volunteer project Hai Bar Reserve, Israel The whole GoEco experience has been a real success for me.  I went to Hai Bar, Israel, for one month, to work in a reserve of wild animals. I did not know precisely what to expect from the reserve (I have never worked with animals in the past and my studies have nothing ...

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Volunteering in Israel – My Volunteer Experience in Eilat

Underwater Observatory

Coral Reef Conservation Volunteer Project Eilat, Israel Dear Friends! A week ago I came back from Israel and I would like to share with you. It was the most extreme and unique trip I’ve ever had in my life. God blessed the whole journey a lot. I had an idea to visit Israel but I didn’t want to be a part of an ...

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