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Volunteering in Indonesia – Colorful Rituals

Volunteer in Indonesia – Bali Sea Turtle Rescue Bali , Indonesia “Where are you from and are you married?” is the most common question you will be asked as a woman, no matter your age shortly after your arrival. Within one hour of volunteering in Indonesia and interacting with the locals I was blown away by what immediately appeared to me a ...

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – GoEco Experience

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage Bulawayo , Zimbabwe Loving animals as much as I do, volunteering in Zimbabwe for the African Wildlife Orphanage seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I was not disappointed with the number of opportunities to directly care for baby animals such as duiker, serval, bush babies, owls, and guinea fowl. We volunteers were ...

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Volunteering in Zimbabwe – Caring for Animals

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage Bulawayo , Zimbabwe I chose the African Wildlife Orphanage because I was interested in doing something to help animals and the idea of volunteering in Zimbabwe was exciting. I did not expect to have so much opportunity to personally interact with the animals and it was fantastic! The staff at the orphanage made an effort to give ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – My Love for Wild Animals

Volunteer in South Africa – Wild Cat Sanctuary Free State , South Africa The Wild Cat Sanctuary is the perfect place for those who want to contribute to the happy life of wild animals and, of course, for those who love wild cats! You will find lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals, African wild cats, bat-eared foxs, vervet monkeys and jackals on the farm. ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica – Spanish and Conservation

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Animal Rescue and Conservation Alajuela Province, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica I did volunteering in Costa Rica with Go Eco in April  for a total of 3 weeks, 2 weeks specifically with Animal Rescue and Conservation in San Carlos. My first week I spent in San Jose with a host family and attended a language school to learn ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – Making a Difference

Volunteer in South Africa – Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town Cape Town , South Africa Volunteering in South Africa was absolutely and utterly indescribable. I had high expectations going into it and my experience exceeded those expectations by a long shot. I made lifelong friends from all over the world and felt like I truly met my type ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica – Environmental Conservation

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Rainforest Expedition Tortuguero , Costa Rica Volunteering in Costa Rica through GoEco for the Rainforest Expedition doing environmental conservation will be something I will never forget. The idea of living a lot more basic than normal was a little scary but the minute I arrived at our base on Curieuse island, everything felt right. It was ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – A Cherished Experience

Volunteer in South Africa – Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town Cape Town , South Africa From the moment I landed, I had a great feeling about Cape Town and volunteering in South Africa. I was surrounded by beautiful beaches, mountains to hike, and lovely people. The project leaders and volunteers at Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – Life-Long Friendships

Volunteer in South Africa – Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Limpopo Province , South Africa Volunteering in South Africa at Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was truly one of the best experiences of my life. There is so much interaction with the animals and education about South African wildlife and conservation. Spontaneous opportunities to experience something unique are bound to pop up. For example, ...

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Volunteering in Thailand – Raising Awareness

Volunteer in Thailand – Learn, Volunteer and Travel Sing Buri , Thailand I spent seven weeks in total volunteering in Thailand. Of the seven weeks in Learn, Volunteer and Travel, four were spent teaching at the Hill Tribe program. The program is fairly new. On my 2nd week volunteering, it was also the first week the Hill Tribe program opened. ...

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Volunteering in the Maldives – People, Water & Turtles

Volunteer in Maldives – Marine and Turtle Conservation The Island of Naifaru , Maldives Volunteering in the Maldives was everything I looking for. It was a relaxing yet rewarding holiday. I went with a friend (Tara) & we couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Despite reading all that I could about the country & the volunteer program I had no idea ...

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Volunteering in Indonesia – Simply Stunning

Volunteer in Indonesia – Education and Community Work in Bali Bali , Indonesia After graduating early this summer in Early Childhood Studies, I decided it was time to bring all I have learnt during my three years at university and all my teaching experiences to volunteer abroad this September. Choosing the location was the easy part! It was a must ...

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Volunteering in South Africa – Fun at the Ranch

Volunteer in South Africa – African Wildlife Ranch Western Cape , South Africa When I went to through GoEco’s website to find out what programs I would be interested I discovered the African Wildlife Ranch. I signed up and when I arrived, I didn’t know anyone. By the time I left, I had new friends from all over the world. The respect and ...

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Volunteering in Costa Rica – Hard to Say Goodbye

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Teaching and Social Work in San José San José , Costa Rica My first volunteering in Costa Rica was at an orphanage as part of the Teaching and Social Work in San José project. It was a really interesting experience to see what an orphanage in Costa Rica was like. I came to love the children there faster ...

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Volunteering in Spain – Making a Dream a Reality

A GoEco volunteer at a view from the bunker del Carmel with fellow volunteers

Volunteer in Spain – Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona Barcelona , Spain It’s already been a month since I finished my internship at the Eco-friendly Hospitality Internship in Barcelona and I miss it and the people I’ve had the opportunity to get to know. Barcelona is an incredible city. I had previously been to Barcelona for a few short days while on ...

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