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Working at a Wildlife Rehab Center in South Africa

South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Limpopo Province, South Africa

Volunteer with animalsIn the wildlife rehabilitation center there are a ton of different animals.  Most were injured in the wild as a result of human activity so we bring them back here to have a safe home for rehabilitation. Most of them are destined to be re-released into their natural habitats.

We host a variety of animals such as: lions, leopards,
cheetahs, hyenas, wolves, caracals, griffon vultures, eagles, badgers, owls, and more.
In my stay at the center there was a baby rhino that was abandoned by her mother, which was no less than incredible to see and be a part of.

Baby rhino!

All the volunteers were really nice and friendly and I got to build relationships with people from all over the world that will last a lifetime.  The center itself is managed by a wide host of staff from student coordinators to vets, the atmosphere is really pleasant and relaxed. Our managerial staff and co-workers were friendly and respectful and everyone had fun together.

Teamwork with volunteers and staff

While I stayed there we were scheduled a shift to go out in the bush to nurse two cheetah cubs and the baby rhino.  This experience for me was beyond wonderful – to be surrounded by animals from duck ’till dawn, all the while in close contact with them.  Every night I fall asleep to the sounds of hyenas answering the roars of lions.

Playful lion

Every morning I woke up with a huge smile on my face that I carried with me throughout the day.

Just a kitty cat

If you enjoy close contact with animals and want to see that stars at night like you’ve never seen before, this was a one-of-a-kind experience that is truly unique and different from any safari or other kind of tourist-oriented trip, and I highly recommend you do this volunteering.


Ziv Harpaz

Wild zebras
Here's lookin' at you, kid






get involved and begin the adventure of your lifetime! To find out more about the south african wildlife conservation volunteer program, click here

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