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How Volunteering Changed My Life

So you’re thinking about volunteering…

Volunteering with GoEco

This post goes out to anyone who is on the fence about volunteering internationally with GoEco. Before you make your final decision you should consider all aspects and possible effects of the trip. I say this because I learned it the hard way and did not prepare myself for how completely life changing it was, so my advice is… be ready.

Me with the other volunteers

Before I volunteered with GoEco in Costa Rica last summer I was on the fast track to law school and to becoming a lawyer. However, my experience at the Costa Rica – Sea Turtle Conservation project, helping sea turtles on the Pacific Coast, has changed that forever. I am no longer interested in limiting my life to domestic law, but have broadened my horizons to consider the entire world.

Currently I am only a sophomore at Amherst College, a small, but competitive liberal arts school in Massachusetts and have decided that I am going to create my own major here to help focus on international relations and foreign affairs. My purpose of this major is to learn how to become a global citizen, all inspired by my trip to Latin America.

GoEco is an extremely well run program that includes many cultural aspects of the country you are volunteering in, regardless of the actual project in which you are participating. Because of this, please keep in mind that it is impossible to leave the program unchanged. Note that the side affects of volunteering with GoEco include: life changing events, amazing pictures, learning how to explore a country as a traveler and not a tourist, friends that change your view on the world, and a broader understanding of yourself.

Volunteering abroad is a big step, but if you are going to do it, do it with GoEco. I actually just signed up for my second and third trip this summer… Who knows what will change this time around!

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more information about VOLUNTEERING WITH GoEco!

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