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Volunteering in Tanzania at the Kilimanjaro Teaching and Community Involvement Project

My nursery class

Volunteer in Tanzania – Kilimanjaro Teaching and Community Involvement Moshi, Tanzania I first found out about GoEco when one of my university lecturers forwarded an email about the kinds of volunteering they organise and a teaching programme in Moshi, a town at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. I signed up for 2 weeks of volunteering at the Kilimanjaro ... Read More »

Volunteering in Costa Rica at the Animal Rescue and Conservation Project

Me and Feluco, the baby Howler monkey

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Animal Rescue and Conservation Moin, Costa Rica It has always been a dream of mine to travel to Costa Rica and experience the amazing array of wildlife and natural wonders that the country has to offer.  So, when I heard about the volunteer programmes that GoEco offered doing just that, I grabbed the opportunity. Read More »

Social Work & Sea Turtles Volunteering in Costa Rica

Finished our work for the afternoon!

Volunteer in Costa Rica Costa Rica I used to work for GoEco as the operations manager, maybe we have even talked in the past.  Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Costa Rica to visit some of the GoEco projects.  Volunteering in Costa Rica has always been something I was interested in so I couldn’t pass up ... Read More »

Walking with Lions – Volunteering in Zimbabwe was the Experience of My Life

A GoEco volunteer visits Victoria Falls

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – Lion Rehabilitation & Conservation Project Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe I wanted to volunteer for a long time now, but I didn’t know what options were out there. When I started researching and found GoEco, I couldn’t have been happier. I was so inspired and excited to start my journey to make this happen. I originally wanted to ... Read More »

Wonderful! Volunteering in China at the Giant Panda Center


Volunteer in China – Giant Panda Center Ya’an City, China Volunteering in China at the Giant Panda Center for a week was a wonderful experience on many levels. First and foremost, to have the opportunity to get close to these wonderful animals in a nurturing environment was a rare and wonderful life experience. Secondly, the people that I met during ... Read More »

A Journey of Self-Growth – Volunteering in Australia


Volunteer in Australia – Australian Conservation Experience Throughout Australia I arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night, ready to start my Australian Conservation volunteering project with the GoEco on Friday morning. When I arrived at the office, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the project did not start until Monday and that I was free to explore Melbourne during the ... Read More »

Getting Dirty at the Desert Eco Building Project – Volunteering in Israel


Volunteer in Israel – Desert Eco Building Arava Desert, Israel After a short journey from a friend’s house in the Galilee, I reached a hostel in Jerusalem the day before the official orientation day of my GoEco experience. I had a nice start at the hostel thanks to the great staff and a night out with my hostel roommates. Everything ... Read More »

Volunteering in Israel: The Greatest Experience of My Life


Volunteer in Israel – Nazareth Hostel Volunteering Nazareth, Israel As I was leaving home, I wasn’t sure what to expect of my time abroad. I had decided to volunteer in Israel at the Nazareth Hostel Volunteering Project.  It was the first time I was travelling by myself for an extended period of time. However, as soon as I arrived at ... Read More »

Isra(h)el(l) – Or What? Volunteering in Israel at the Desert Wildlife Program


Volunteer in Israel – Desert Wildlife Program Arava Desert, Israel So, my friend and I decided to go to Israel for a month. Is that a good idea? Let me tell you already: YES. At times it was a bit… problematic (being overwhelmed by flies, ostriches trying to eat our car, not dying of heat..), but we survived, and we ... Read More »

My Amazing Time Volunteering in China at the Giant Panda Center


Volunteer in China – Giant Panda Center Ya’an City, China Let me just start by saying that I absolutely LOVE giant pandas. This was the main reason that I decided to volunteer at the Giant Panda Center in China. When I was signing up, I thought I was going to spend most of my time cleaning up after the pandas. ... Read More »