Africa: The Final Volunteer FrontierThis vast continent is home to a huge variety of environments, wildlife, and cultures. From the incredible coastlines to the heart of the Congo jungle to the majestic Serengeti this place is really wild.  And always in need of volunteer work.  We organize a ton of different programs in Africa; you can help out  in a number of different wildlife reserves like a tiger and lion park in South Africa or wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe. In Kenya or Zambia you can aid in community development or medical outreach.  Or help fight the war against HIV/AIDS by assisting with awareness programs in South Africa.  Guaranteed life-changing adventures.  Read on to step into the shoes of people who have been to the experience this world for themselves.

Volunteer in Africa

Up close and personal with a big kitty…

I Loved Every Second – Volunteering in South Africa at the Tiger, Lion & Wildlife Park

Jenna : April 24, 2014 1:54 pm : Africa, Volunteer Post, Wildlife

Volunteer in South Africa – Tiger, Lion and Wildlife Park

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I had the extraordinary experience of volunteering in South Africa at the Tiger, Lion and Wildlife Park through GoEco last. Not only was this experience amazing, but it was eye opening and changed me as a person. Continue reading Jenna's blog post

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Simply Stunning – Volunteering in Seychelles at the Wildlife Conservation Expedition

Sarah : April 9, 2014 4:26 pm : Africa, Seychelles, Volunteer Post, Wildlife

Volunteer in Seychelles – Wildlife Conservation Expedition

Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Flying over the islands as I reached the Seychelles I couldn’t help but smile, I was about to spend the next month living in paradise. The Seychelles are known for their stunning beaches, and beautiful tropical climate (in other words, my perfect place), and I was embarking on an adventure to help at the Wildlife Conservation Expedition. Continue reading Sarah's post

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Full On! Volunteering in Zimbabwe at the African Wildlife Orphanage

Carly : March 27, 2014 12:46 pm : Africa, Volunteer Post, Wildlife, Zimbabwe

Volunteer in Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

African pythonAs part of a six month travelling adventure with my partner Josh, we spent two weeks volunteering in Zimbabwe at the African Wildlife Orphanage which is located just outside Bulawayo. This orphanage has been owned and run by the very dedicated Wilson family for more than 40 years. Our time there can best be described as exciting, interesting, fun and just plain full on! Continue reading Carly's post

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