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National park where we worked

Volunteering in Australia – Conservation Experience

Volunteer in Australia – Australian Conservation Experience

Various locations throughout Australia


A GoEco volunteer capture Wild birds he don’t know the name
Wild birds I don’t know the name

In September I went to the Australian Conservation Experience. I spent one week in Melbourne and two weeks in Warrnambool, which was a great experience.

A GoEco volunteer at National park where we worked
National park where we worked

The first week we worked in three different places near Melbourne. We did weeding in St. Kilda, weeding and making animal food in a national park, tree planting in an island. We started 8am and finished 4pm every day. Weeding was tough but exciting, while other works were not difficult. We encountered some wild lives, such as kangaroos and lizards.

A GoEco volunteer in Wallaby next to the road
Wallaby next to the road

The kangaroos were shy, when they saw us, they ran away. In the leisure time I visited the museums and galleries in Melbourne, which were worthy.

A GoEco volunteer enjoy the sunset in Warrnambool
Sunset in Warrnambool

The other two weeks I was sent to a small town near the sea, Warrnambool. It was a supper lovely town. I was amazed by the natural environment immediately. Diverse kinds of plants along the coast was impressing. We worked in a point danger area in the coast of Portland, where there is a unique ecological system with many different kinds of plants, so many animals can survive there.

A GoEco volunteer and a tiger snake on the street
Tiger snake on the street

Our team leader took us to beautiful places after work. For just two weeks, we saw many rare plants, wild animals like wallaby, tiger snake and some I don’t know the names, as well as some strange rocks.

A GoEco volunteer and the strange rocks
Strange rocks

Life volunteering in Australia was really enjoyable. I felt refreshed and after the project I had full of energy back to work. – Tian

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about the Australian Conservation Experience!

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