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Volunteering in Costa Rica – An Amazing Experience

Volunteer in Costa Rica – Teaching and Social Work in San José
San José, Costa Rica

My experience volunteering in Costa Rica was amazing. I choose to do the 2 week program of Teaching and Social Work in San José, with one week of Spanish classes and one week of volunteering. When I first arrived I was welcomed by a member of the Spanish school I was going to be attending. My host mom was wonderful. She took very good care of me while I was there and fed me well.

GoEco volunteers with their host mom
Me, my friend Ayesha, and our host mom

She only spoke Spanish so communicating was a little difficult but it made learning Spanish easier for me. She would help me with Spanish and I would help her with English.

A GoEco volunteer looks outside her home in Costa RIca
The view from my home in Costa Rica

CRLA was great. There were people from all over the world. We had an orientation, took an oral exam and then were assigned our class.

A GoEco volunteer learns Spanish
Me in class

The classes had 4-5 people in them for a better learning experience. In addition, the school offered dance class, cooking class, and extra conversation classes.

A GoEco volunteer receives her Spanish certificate
Receiving my certificate on the last day of classes

They also had lists of tours all throughout Costa Rica that students could participate in (you had to pay for those that aren’t covered in your registration).

A GoEco volunteer visits the waterfall gardens
Waterfall gardens

I did a combo tour which consisted of a tour to the Doka coffee estate, Poas volcano and waterfall gardens.

A GoEco volunteer visits animals at waterfall gardens
At waterfall gardens visiting the animals

I also did a tour to Tortuga Island. Both tours were a lot of fun and a good way to see Costa Rica.

GoEco volunteers on the boat to Tortuga Island
Ayesha and I on the boat to Tortuga Island

The project I volunteered at was an orphanage for children taken from abusive homes. Due to the organization not wanting the children’s location to be disclosed we weren’t allowed to take pictures. I would play with the kids and help with snack and lunch time. The kids were funny and had so much energy. I enjoyed my experience volunteering with them. – Breana

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