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Volunteering in Israel at the Sagol Ecological Village

Volunteer at the Sagol Ecological Village

Kfar Sagol, Israel

Volunteering in Israel at the Sagol Ecological VillageFrom the moment I arrived at Kfar Sagol I felt at home. The amazing family who envisioned this eco-village and invested themselves in it’s creation provide a comfortable, healing and welcoming community. Each volunteer, from Israel or from around the world, becomes a part of the community here. Kfar Sagol radiates positive energy cultivated by Lilach and Ori and simply by observing their sustainable building practices and organic garden you can understand their value system. Within days here I confirmed with myself certain ideals that I want to live by; ideals which they practice at Sagol.

A GoEco volunteer learning sustainable gardening in Israel
Hard at work in the organic gardens

Every day I’ve worked on a different project, which has allowed to me discover new strengths and I’m encouraged to continue with work that is suited for me. The volunteer work I do here is hands-on, involved, and sustainable because it makes an impact upon me and the community here. I am learning about mud building, which I’ll use in my own life in the future, about gardening, and about working as a member of a community.

Sustainable architecture project at Sagol
Learning sustainable building techniques using earth as a medium

This experience has been unique because even as a volunteer I feel I’m part of a community and a family that includes Israelis and international visitors, and in my work I’m improving skills while I’m able to also see tangible results of sustainable living practices.

GoEco volunteer in Israel at the Sagol Ecological village
Relaxing in the pools of Sagol

GoEco’s partnership with Kfar Sagol has allowed me not only to volunteer in Israel on a project I care about, but to feel at home while doing it.

– Lindsey

GoEco volunteer in Israel
Kicking back and playing music in the tent

Enjoyed the story? Experience it for yourself – Go to Israel and volunteer at the Sagol Eco-Village with GoEco!

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