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One of the volunteer staff in the doctor’s room

Volunteering in Israel – Helping Refugees in Tel Aviv

Volunteer in Israel – Refugee Health Clinic in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel

This summer I volunteered at Tel Aviv Refugee Health Clinic. I have never had been more grateful for taking a trip abroad by myself.  At the clinic I was able to shadow doctors and scribe for them, work in the reception, and also participate in data research.

I learned what it takes to run a clinic, and how everyone is involved to keep it running. It helped me grow more as a student in the medical field, and how to apply myself better.  I had to challenge myself by communicating with those who did not know the same language as me.

The reception room, where you help check patients in
The reception room, where you help check patients in.

For someone looking into the medical field, this is something that every student dreams of as a volunteer experience. While at the clinic, I was able to get to know the staff. They were so welcoming and helpful the entire time. I have a love for the refugees residing in Israel, and this experience has further pushed my desire to be a doctor. 

The public Terem for refugees
The public Terem for refugees

For someone who is interested in the medical field, but doesn’t know what specialty they want to look into, this clinic is for you. By shadowing and working with different types of doctors, I was able to find the area that I love and have a passion for. When you find an area that you like more, the directors are also very willing to let you spend more time volunteering in that area. It was helpful because I got to learn so much in an area that I could have a future working in.

Some of the amazing staff that our GoEco volunteer had a chance to work with
Some of the amazing staff that I had a chance to work with

This clinic was an amazing experience, and I am forever grateful to the staff that I was able to work alongside with.

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about the Refugee Health Clinic in Tel Aviv!

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