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Volunteering in Italy – A New Adventure Everyday

Volunteer in Italy – Dolphin and Marine Research
Ischia Island, Italy

Long story short: Dolphin and Marine Research was life-changing. The experience I had during the two weeks I spent on the boat was unforgettable. I met amazing people; the crew was so nice and welcoming.

GoEco volunteers acting crazy
The crazy crew of week two

I learned a lot about dolphins, whales, birds, sailing, cooking… Everyday was a new adventure filled with beautiful dolphins, amazing food, great company and breathtaking views. I’ve always been interested in marine biology and wildlife, but this trip really proved to me that I’m definitely passionate about it.

A GoEco volunteer sights a bottlenose dolphin
Bottlenose dolphin

Nothing compares to sighting over eighty dolphins and spending two to three hours photographing their beauty, observing their habits, recording their acoustical data and filming them underwater. Whenever there was a sighting, everyone on board had a special task to do, whether it was sailing the boat, filming, photographing, recording sounds or just simply observing.

GoEco volunteers working hard
Hard at work

This project really immerses you in the Italian lifestyle, which is truly amazing because it’s something new and exciting to experience and enjoy. Even if the waves were too high and we wouldn’t sail out that day, there was still plenty of stuff to do! You could either take the day off and go explore the island, stay on the boat to work on analyzing data/pictures or even take a day-trip to a neighboring island!

A GoEco volunteer raises the sail
Bringing the sail up

We would do sunset yoga every night, eat gelato on the island, go to the thermal baths, go on adventures up the mountain to get groceries, drink wine and espresso all day, eat amazing homemade dinners, and so many more spontaneous little things on the island that made the trip even more worthwhile!

GoEco volunteers leading sunset yoga sessions
Joy and Nikki’s sunset yoga sessions

I became very close with all the people on board and it was very difficult to leave, but I am definitely planning on coming back in the future as well as staying in touch with all the phenomenal people I met on the boat.

GoEco volunteers enjoy their last night
The crazy girls on the last night

Words cannot describe how unique of an experience it was, I highly recommend it for anyone who’s looking to do something new, different and fun. – Nikki

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about Dolphin and Marine Research!

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