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Volunteering in Peru – Inspiring Children in Cusco

Volunteer in Peru – – Helping Underprivileged Children in Cusco

Cusco, Peru

I would first like to say GoEco is a very good organization and they offered me a wonderful opportunity.

I chose to help underprivileged children in Cusco. One of the reasons was my son and his friends outgrew me since they are now seniors in high school. I figured at this stage I may be needed somewhere else in the world and that’s when I chose to volunteer at this orphanage in Cusco, Peru.

A GoEco volunteer just having fun
Just having fun

My experience volunteering in Peru was a good one. The boys anticipated my arrival and I couldn’t wait to get there.  My favorite times were when I got to take the boys out of the orphanage –  just to see their faces light up was incredible.

A GoEco volunteer hanging out with the kids
Hanging out with the kids

We went to the soccer fields and they got to play soccer or watch real teams play. They also got to play on the playground with other children. This was really a big release for them.

A GoEco volunteer passing out cookies to the children
It’s snack time so we’re passing out cookies

It also gave them incentive to stay out of trouble. I can’t wait until the boys grow up and leave the orphanage to begin their lives.

A GoEco volunteer holding a baby at the orphanage
Me holding one of the babies

We played games and one of the best days was when me and two of the boys made gelateen (Jell0) for everybody. It tasted great and we even had enough to share with the girls on the other side. This was an opportunity to get the boys to see that sharing is very important. I hope I had a lasting impression on the boys. I know some of them did on me.

A GoEco volunteer making Jello with the kids
Making Jello with the kids

I enjoyed laughing and talking to them. It was sad to leave, but the boys weren’t that sad since they said they knew I would be back. They might be right. I am looking to return soon, if possible. I have some opportunities that might just put me right back.

Left: Traveling around my host city Right: Me in San Cristobal
Left: Traveling around my host city Right: Me in San Cristobal

I really enjoyed the personal time I had which gave me the opportunity to get around and see my host city. It was great all the way around.

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