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Volunteering in South Africa – A Truly Unique Experience

Volunteer in South Africa – Monkey and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Limpopo Province, South Africa

I had an absolutely amazing time at the Monkey and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in South Africa. The three weeks I spent there were life-changing for me. I was able to meet incredible volunteers from all over the world and was able to care for different monkey species.

A GoEco volunteer spending time with Monty the monkey
Enjoying some Monty time

I learned about the basic care and rehabilitation of Vervet monkeys, Chacma baboons, and Samango monkeys. I monitored, fed, and cared for orphaned monkeys, learned about conservation techniques, and had an active introduction to wildlife conservation in South Africa.

A GoEco volunteer holds a sleeping baboon
Sweet dreams Ron

In addition, I contributed to maintaining the center so that it could provide the best rehabilitation for the domesticated and orphaned monkeys. Despite the different backgrounds and cultures of the volunteers, we were all able to work together effectively. By the end of my time, I felt like we had become one big family.

A GoEco volunteer engaging with two monkeys
Smiling and biting fingers

The staff at the center is outstanding. Not only do they work exceptionally hard to provide the best care for the animals, but they also make sure that the needs of the volunteers are met. Through activities such as family meals and weekly “braais,” all of the volunteers at the center get to know one another.

A GoEco volunteer holds a vervet monkey on her shoulder
Vervet shoulder love

The volunteers are divided into different groups that all work together on various chores. Some of the chores include cleaning out the enclosures, feeding and monitoring the monkeys, harvesting branches and grass, and preparing the food for the animals.

A GoEco volunteer feeding a new monkey
Our newest arrival

One of my favorite aspects of my project was “baby day.” On this day, one particular group was in charge of taking care of the baby monkeys. We did things such as feed them milk bottles, spend time in their enclosures, take the baboons to the river and prepare night boxes. “Baby time” allowed me to develop a connection with the youngest monkeys, which was a really unique opportunity for me.

A GoEco volunteer spends time with the center's baboons
River with the baboons

Whether it was a monkey sitting on my head, or falling asleep in my lap, I will always cherish the special memories that I have of my time at Monkey and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I really had the time of my life! – Francesca

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about the Monkey and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!

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