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Volunteering in South Africa – My True Home

Volunteer in South Africa – Wildlife Sanctuary
Hartebeespoort, South Africa

How do I start to explain how much I love this place?

My name is Cathrine. I´m 19 years old, from Norway. This journey was my very first adventure that I organized by myself. I traveled with two friends of mine, and we were all a bit nervous and excited. When we arrived at the Wildlife Sanctuary, the first thing we saw was three female lions; Sahara, Sarabi and Savuti, playing in the shade. It only took us a second to forget how nervous we were and we never looked back.

A GoEco volunteer plays with three female lions
Sahara, Sarabi, Savuti and me

If I had known how amazing our stay would be, I would never had booked tickets home after just two weeks. I understood just when walking out of the car the first day that I had made a huge mistake. I never wanted to leave.

GoEco volunteers going for a walk with a lion
Going for a walk with Sahara.

Interacting with the animals was insane. In just two weeks I got to walk with lions, train both lions and tigers, cuddle with Jack the zebra and Bailey the cheetah, and walk with the elephants-Three and her two girls. That’s just a couple of the things we did with the animals. We also got to see Misty the giraffe, just a couple of hours old! That is an experience that few things in life can top.

A GoEco volunteer plays with a cheetah

One of the friendliest animals at the sanctuary, Bailey, the three-legged cheetah.

What really came as a surprise for me was the other volunteers and the staff. I never thought I could make life long friendships in just two weeks. Even though we had ”Sh*t Mondays”, where we would start the week with an entire day cleaning away shit, the Mondays were always good days, because I had so many good friends with me.

GoEco volunteers have a mud fight
One of the best memories with the volunteers: MUD FIGHT!

Looking back there is only good memories. I came back to Norway under 24 hours ago, and I am already looking for new tickets back to my real, African home. If you consider travelling to the sanctuary, don´t hesitate. I can promise you the only thing you will regret is not staying there forever. – Cathrine

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about the Wildlife Sanctuary!

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