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Volunteering in South Africa – Tiger and Lion Love

Volunteering in South Africa – Tiger and Lion Love


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

There were so many exciting experiences and opportunities I had during my stay at the Tiger and Lion Park. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by the lion and tiger cubs and introduced to all of the other wildlife. My jaw dropped to the floor when I met Ice, the white Bengal Tiger, who was 8 weeks at the time.

Chilling with Ice

Chilling with Ice

Cuddle Time

Splashing about. . .

Making other friends. . .

The most exciting part for me was bottle feeding the tiger cubs in the large enclosure, they were so thrilled to be fed and so grateful, that after feeding they would cover you in kisses and thankful nudges.

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Are we playing or eating?

Definitely playing. . .

It was like nothing I could have imagined, volunteering in South Africa really opened up my eyes to what the world has to offer and I will be going back!

Loving Africa

Snake eyes

The park has many extra-curricular activities on offer, and I took part in cage diving with great white sharks. This was unreal and an unforgettable moment that I am so proud of myself for doing!

Elephant Walks

Elephant Walks

Amazing South Africa

Other moments at the park include building the Caracals enclosure, spending quality time with the snakes and baby crocodiles, as well as feeding all of the cats and Mube, the pig.
I will never forget walking around the larger enclosures with the adult lions and tigers. They appear so magnificent and powerful.

When the bottles are all gone. . .

Tiger Love

Tiger Love

One of my favorite experiences was going in with the older tigers – Shushu and Fei, they are huge and absolutely magnificent. It was unlike anything I could have imagined, and they came up to me and greeted me with a lick and a nudge as they calmly stayed around for photos and hugs!

Family Photoshoot

Up Close and Personal

Open Wide!

I could not recommend the Tiger and Lion Park enough! It truly was one of the best experiences of my entire life and I am already inquiring for my return. There was a lot of very hard labor work to do that I was not used to, but everyone is in the same boat and the days are filled with such joy and love that it’s hard to complain.

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about the TIGER AND LION PARK in SOUTH AFRICA!

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