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Volunteering in Vietnam – My Time at the Orphanage

Volunteer in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement
Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam

I’m glad that I chose volunteering in Vietnam for the Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement project. It’s because it wasn’t purely just volunteering as there was also a fun cultural week. During the cultural week, I learned a lot about the culture in Vietnam and was able to explore the famous places in Ho Chi Minh as well. Apart from the amazing time I had during the cultural week, I was more keen for my week of volunteering to come, as that was my main purpose of enrolling myself to this program. I’ve never been happier that I chose to work in an orphanage as I; myself enjoy having children around me.

A GoEco volunteer with her class after English lesson
After their English lesson
A GoEco volunteer at their lunchtime
Their lunchtime
A GoEco volunteer capture them feeding each other.
They were feeding each other.

While working in the orphanage, it was quite shocking for me to accept how different they teach their children. The coordinators did warn us that we would encounter stricter methods of discipline whilst working at the orphanage. Furthermore, I would say language barrier is one of the main problems I encountered while volunteering.

A GoEco volunteer with kids at their lunchtim
at their lunchtime

There were times when the children came up to me and talk in their own mother tongue yet I couldn’t answer them. Other than that, I really enjoyed volunteering at the orphanage. – Yee

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