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Volunteering in Portugal – A City with an Amazing Culture

Volunteer in Portugal – Porto Hospitality Internship
Porto, Portugal

Porto is an amazing city, let’s just start with that. I was hesitant to choose Porto as the location of my volunteer project because I had not heard that much about it or Portugal for that matter. The hostel for the Porto Hospitality Internship is the best hostel in the city; this became apparent the longer I was there. It is one of the highest rated hostels in the city and also has the reputation of being a sort of party hostel.

GoEco volunteers at the Spot Hostel taking a group photo on their last night.
The Spot Hostel crew attempting to take a group photo on my last night.

There was never a dull moment in my 10 weeks there-from giving travel advice to the guests, to bartending for a traditional Hungarian party, to hanging out with the other employees at the hostel. My coworkers at the hostel were the best and some of them became my really close friends.

A GoEco volunteer enjoying one of his last shifts working as a bartender.
Enjoying one of my last night shifts!

One of them let me borrow his bike the whole time I was there which was awesome because there were endless routes throughout the city and along the coast line of the Douro River. It was quite incredible to be able to hop on my bike in the center of the city and within 30 minutes be completely surrounded by rolling hills and small villages.


A GoEco volunteer biking through the medieval cobblestone streets.
Porto to me is racing down medieval cobble stone roads dodging Smart Cars.

Porto has a rich history that still seems to be alive in the architecture and in the attitudes of the people. I have many great memories of partying with my coworkers and surfing right at the river mouth but my best adventure of all was jumping off the Ponte Luis 1 Bridge! SERIOUSLY, do it!

A GoEco volunteer jumping off Ponte Luis
Jumping off Ponte Luis!

Saying “bye” was hard but I will no doubt remember every day of the Porto Hospitality Internship for the rest of my life! I made friends with people from across the globe and finally got the opportunity to experience what everyday life is like in a country other than my own.

A GoEco volunteer enjoys a beach day on the coast of Vila Nova de Gaia
Great beach day on the coast of Vila Nova de Gaia.

I am already making plans with some of my Portuguese friends to come visit me in California. – Clive

Get involved and begin the journey of your lifetime! Click here for more details about the Porto Hospitality Internship!

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